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lets say i record a piano track with a midi key and afterwards i want to record vocals on a separate track - it always records the instrument sounds (from the instrument track) on the vocal track as well (just a little more quiet..). - actually all recorded instrument tracks are on the vocal track when i wanna only record vocals

of corse the record button is only active (red) at the vocal track line (and i use headphones, so there is no chance that the mic actually catches the piano sound).. and i tried more than an hour to change the input / output settings to all possible ways..

as i understand it, it works like this: the instrument track has its input on "all ins" and output is "master" or "studio" (by the way, i dont get the difference here) and on the mic i have a mono input and master or studio output..

  • the thing is i can see that on every setting that i can actually hear the instrument track, the vocal "mono in" shows the same input as the instrument track...

i didnt find anything like this yet.. so i really hope you can help me out! just tell me if you need screenshots or something..

thanks a lot!

Strange. Bleed would be my first thought as well. To 100% eliminate that as the culprit, turn down the volume on your headphones and any other monitoring outputs. Record again and it should be 100% clean.

If you now record and then slowly bring up your headphones, do you hear the instrument tracks slowly fade into the recording? This would let you know if you are getting bleed. Just because you use headphones does not mean there is no bleed. Are you using closed back or open back headphones. For recording ALWAYS use closed back headphones.

Let me know if this helps.


answered Sep 08 '19 at 17:24 by Jeremysfx (132)

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