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Hi there, im running Bitwig 3.2 on Ubuntu and all the plugins Im running are extremely small. the mouse is even very small and im at the largest resolution setting on my computer and in Bitwig. The mouse is completely regular size until I go into Bitwig(also web browsers and other apps look com0pletly normal). I found some plugins let me resize everything but some dont and its incredibly hard to read. In fact when I I open Bitwig the logo is completly maxed out looking yet when I work withing Bitwig its smallish. please help

Hi all, unsure if i'm breaking etiquette by reviving this thread without a solution but i'd like to report the same issue.

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 with minimal Ubuntu Studio packages added on my 13" HP tablet with a native resolution of 3000x2000. Ubuntu (and Bitwig) works flawlessly with a few tweaks (disable gnome gestures for polyphonic screen playing, etc.) but this issue completely cripples Bitwig+Linux+Tablet if you need plugins.

The splash/launch page for Bitwig is expanded way beyond the screen boundary and then Bitwig itself when loaded is the opposite, tiny, by default. I use tablet mode and have to set the scaling to 250+% in order to have a similar sized interface to the default on Windows 10. As OP mentioned, the mouse cursor can clearly be seen to shrink hugely when hovering over Bitwig's window, as if Bitwig is misinterpreting the native resolution.

No other software under Ubuntu presents this way and i've never had the problem running Bitwig under Windows 10.

The primary frustration is that Bitwig's scaling, which I think really is being abused here as a workaround, obviously has no effect on plugins so they are unusable.

Much thanks in advance to any of the Linux heads here who might be able to help, your time is appreciated, dont want to go back to Windows with my tail between my legs but Bitwig is essential software!

EDIT: Moving Ubuntu's scaling from 200% to 100% makes Bitwig look a bit more normal, especially the splash page, but obviously this makes the OS unusable and doesn't change the plugin size. I'm using Linux Studio Project's VSTs for testing which don't appear to be resizable via gui.

Is this just the fault of the plugins? Perhaps this is just what you get with non-resizable plugins on a smaller screen? Should they really take up only around 1/8th of my screen?

But then also, why can't Bitwig deal properly with the OS scaling? Suggests something fishy there, right?


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