asked Sep 13 '19 at 13:21 by bborders (11)

So I have been working on a fairly large project in Bitwig 3.0.2 for Mac OSX for the past few weeks, and just yesterday (after weeks of no issue) the project started to have errors loading all of my VST's. Whenever I open the project, a combination of several things happen:

Most commonly, the plugin loading process completes as part of the audio engine activation, but all of my VST's come up in the racks with an error message reading "Plugin host died: Could not process audio on client audio thread 4 using remote audio thread 6: End of stream"

Sometimes when this occurs, I am still able to play the project without the VST's. Generally if this is the case, I can reload the plugins individually or hit "reload all" and they will activate without issue. However, sometimes the project will not play at all upon first loading in addition to the VST errors (the "play" button and key commands are unresponsive). When this occurs, the program also freezes upon trying to activate the audio engine for another project, trying to close the offending project, or trying to close the program altogether. I end up having to force quit whenever this happens.

In addition, occasionally the initial plugin loading process will simply stop midway through with no explanation. When this happens, the audio engine does not activate no matter how many times I try it.

I experience some combination of all these issues whenever I open the offending project. My other Bitwig projects don't have any issues unless they are open at the same time as the problematic one. I have tried restarting my computer and reinstalling Bitwig itself to no avail.

If anyone could shed some light on what this error message means or how to approach any of the other problems, it would be much appreciated!

I had a problem that sounds like what you described - except I'm on win 7 and it was in bws 2.1. - so my answer may not be relevant. The workaround I found was to go to the audio settings page and change sample rate to something else, and then change it back again. Then hit "reload all". This worked consistently for me and I got used to doing it. But since bws 2.2 I have not had this problem.

I have also had problems with individual vsts that would cause bitwig to freeze when loading a project. This was difficult and time consuming to debug. I wont name the vst here, but I ended up discovering that if I had loaded two or more instances of that vst then my project would most likely cause the audio engine to crash or bitwig would freeze on opening. I figured this out by repeatedly trying until I could open the project without freezing. Then I would start a new project - with the other one still open. Then copy and paste tracks, one at a time, between the old project and the new one. After each copy I would save and then load the saved project. Eventually I would get a bad load, which narrowed it down to a bad track... which helped figure out which vst was causing the issue. In my case it took a bit longer to work out that it was the 2nd instance of a vst that cause the problem.

Anyway, maybe this gives you a few ideas of things you can try.


answered Sep 14 '19 at 09:54 by djx (319)

A bad track would make sense since the problem only started recently. I was considering copying my tracks to a new project anyway, so I'll give it a shot. The sample rate workaround is interesting also. Thanks!

  — (Sep 14 '19 at 11:24) bborders

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