asked Sep 14 '19 at 20:49 by axxessdenied (101)


Any chance we will see ARA support in the near future? This would make Bitwig Studio a lot more of a complete package if you're coming from a DAW that already has ARA support.

Need ARA as well !!


answered Sep 21 '19 at 22:10 by cyberlife-music (71)

I will always support this as it is a fundamental feature still missing in Bitwig - but useful comping is missing as well! Any DAW that is considering itself a "Studio" software should allow Melodyne integration via ARA2! And I believe it's called "Bitwig STUDIO".



answered Jan 09 at 12:26 by joeK (31)

edited Jan 09 at 12:27

Likewise, until there's ARA support in Bitwig Logic Pro X is still my primary DAW for recording.


answered Sep 29 '19 at 17:57 by masseyl (21)

Kindly adding to the club - ARA2 would be cool to add on list (fortunately for me - no issue, just little bit more cumbersome workflow). So I hope one time - when BW programmer wont know what to do,- they will remember us and do this.


answered May 17 at 15:39 by Sigsally (24)

Goddamn! Implement ARA please!! Otherwise I'll need to spend a few hours on Reaper and probably not use Bitwig anymore . PLEASE!


answered Apr 24 at 18:49 by Plattenbote (21)

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