asked Sep 23 '19 at 00:03 by Ethnographer (31)

One of my favourite sound sources is a Reaktor ensemble from Chet Singer called Silverwood Tenor Sax. Not everyone finds it convincing as an emulation of a Tenor sax sound but it’s pretty much “the sound I hear in my head”. (I mostly play alto sax but I still love the sound of a Tenor.) It’d be really neat if I could recreate that sound in The Grid. For one thing, I’d be able to use it on Linux. Plus, it’d probably take less CPU than loading Reaktor instances. And I’d be able to grow from it. But waveguide synthesis is quite an elaborate method, much more so than, say, Karplus-Strong (made a string emulation early during the beta testing process, when we had more limited access to feedback, by simply following instructions from Bastl’s Nikol). I find the Reaktor ensemble itself rather overwhelming and I have no idea where to start to do waveguide synthesis in The Grid. But maybe some of the more experienced Gridders here (and expert sound designers) have pieces of advice? Even if I don’t achieve anything close to my goal, it can be a fun path for experimentation.


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