asked Oct 04 '19 at 18:14 by icaroguerreiro (80)

I will give a simple example:

Let's imagine I made one custom Reverb inside Grid for a Complex Preset with various Routes and Chains.

And now i want to use only the Reverb part in another Preset. Now I need to open in another instance my preset and copy/paste only this part to the new one. If we had some "Save/Import Module" type of thing this will really nice and kill this repetitive work.

Imagine this for Chains that are used frequently too.

Best way should be in fact a FX Selector oder a Chain-Module. You can have more GRID´s in a Instrument- oder FX-Selector, you can Copy and modify all compositions. Lets say a Grid Reverb FX-Selector.

So you need just one Module...


answered Oct 05 '19 at 05:10 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

edited Oct 05 '19 at 05:11

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