asked Oct 06 '19 at 15:32 by sorid (11)

Hi There.

I am using Bitwig for 2,5 years on Windows 10 as an amateur right now. I am still using Bitwig 2.3.5. Some months ago the spectrum analyzer showed some problems out of the nothing. All frequencies below 100 Hz are not shown graphically. All instances of the spectrum analyzer are affected. Both ASIO and WASAPI were affected. I could live with this problem so I did not bother at first.

Now a problem showed up which is really frustrating me: When I use the bounce function the first few 0.x seconds of the bounced audio product are cut off. I read of that problem a few times on other places, but nowhere a solution was posted. I installed my version of Bitwig a couple of times now, I also deleted the data from /appdata/local/... still the same problem. I can not work with that flaw. Any solutions?

The problem is solved. I set the Audio to 96 kHz / 1024 samples / Recording offset to -50 ms and then back to 0 ms. I don't know what exactly solved the problem, but right now everything is fine.


answered Oct 30 '19 at 14:55 by sorid (11)

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