asked Oct 12 '19 at 00:43 by A_W_B (13)

Hi, I've been working on a set with a FX grid module in and found that the GUI seems to have gone missing. It just can't be found anywhere, and closing GUI, changing workspace, deactivating device - nothing seems to work to get it back. However, when I just did a copy and paste the new one was fine.

Secondly, another grid GUI issue came up today, where the GUI starts getting out of ratio (in pop-out rather than embedded mode) and was stuck with the top pinned to the top of the screen. When trying to resize the x would change but y would be stuck. The "fix" was just channing to embedded mode - a bit hacky!

FYI Always give information about your setup or it is impossible for us to help you troubleshoot. Info we need: Computer (Mac, PC, linux), OS and version Bitwig version, computer info ( computer Make and model, CPU, RAM HD space) and which peripherals you have connected. I made a text message with this info on it so I can copy & paste whenever I need it.

I would also contact Bitwig tech support. I have not seen this particular issue before so it may be better to get in touch directly. Hope this helps,


answered Oct 14 '19 at 14:30 by Jeremysfx (127)

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