asked Nov 02 '19 at 17:52 by amuq (10)

Curious if there is any timeline to support midi out from the poly grid?

Yes will be ace! In the mean time I managed to get midi control of Serum using the 'Replacer' module:


answered Nov 10 '19 at 02:25 by davidleonalex (22)

Thanks, I think this will work in the mean time. Ace as in All cables everywhere? ^__^

  — (Nov 11 '19 at 16:10) amuq

+1 one.

The current cheats seems to create minor syncing issues.

Anything that we can pipe into the grid should come out. Would love gate/midi/vel out.

And if there's time for some extra stuff i'd LOVE OSC in and out in node forms. Ive been coupling visual tools directly to my procedural/generative beats with OSC for a while in other tools but having it straight int the grid would be fantastic.


answered Apr 30 at 17:15 by redhoot (31)


It would great to have perfectly timed MIDI events flowing through the Grid. Even better if polyphony is supported without hacks.


answered Apr 30 at 21:52 by voidshine (302)

Yea! Would be great to have that-the workaround via replacer device and/or note receiver is okay, but clumsy. And please add a device to watch the midi signal flow for debugging purposes. Here's the thread leading to the workaround, if anyone needs it:

Best regards, Former


answered Feb 18 at 16:22 by former (277)

edited Feb 18 at 19:55

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