asked Nov 04 '19 at 18:28 by thePatrickRichardson (21)

Hey community.

I chose BitWig for it's smoother UI and more intuitive-feeling UX flow. Things feel great on the screen, and now I'm inally interested in getting a grid-controller in the mix. Initially looked at the Launchpad Pro, but Novation just "launched" the LaunchPad X series, with easy creation of custom control layouts using their Components software. Does anyone know if BitWig has plans/ability to support controlls script(s) for "X-series" LaunchPads in the same way you have for the previous (Pro, Mini, etc) LaunchPads ?

Will BitWig scripts be able to follow/support the new UI communication evident with Ableton regarding... of drum/chromatic track control UIs ?

...flipping/rotation of the Session view for BitWig's Launcher Panel ?

...what about the new Capture MIDI mode ?

OR is the FirmWare for LaunchPad X not "open" in the same way it was released for the LP Pro/etc...

Very excited to keep growing with BitWig

cheers, PR

It seems the Bitwig devs initially wrote a lot of the controller scripts, but the majority of scripts these days are written by the Bitwig user community. I think this was the intention of the Bitwig team and why they put in the effort of developing the Controller Scripting API. As the Launchpad X is so new, you may have to wait a while for a good script to be written, unless you have the tenacity to write one yourself.


answered Nov 07 '19 at 18:10 by sticklebrick (388)

Jürgen Moßgraber just added support for the Launchpad X in DrivenByMoss 7.60 (video here)


answered Nov 16 '19 at 01:00 by carlcolglazier (21)

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