asked Nov 09 '19 at 03:26 by melgoza11 (11)

when I make an effect and ion place an effect like lets say a de esser usually when you turn up the knob on the targeted track the effect should be applied right? well ok it does this but it also adds more volume to the targeted track along with the de essing effect, so basically its the de essi9ng and the track also gets louder with is a bad thing, why does bit wig do this? its not helpful at all.

Probably you're using an effect send. That's not how deessers are used. Put the deesser on the track (you want to deess) itself as an insert effect.


answered Nov 09 '19 at 15:33 by stamp (186)

So bit wig doesn’t work like other daws were they have sends for that specific use for example I’m thinking it’s like pro tools, in my head an effects send is a send for anything. Eq,comp,deessing etc, the question is now then, there no wends in boy wig? Or what are effects channels for then ? Sorry I’m new too bitwig.

  — (Nov 09 '19 at 19:19) melgoza11

I'm not sure I understand. Can you please write the steps you follow in Bitwig to do what you're trying to do? I've never used Pro Tools.


answered Nov 10 '19 at 17:12 by stamp (186)

edited Nov 10 '19 at 17:12

Ok..., so I do not know if you are familiar with channel aux busses in pro tools and ableton. They are channels designed for effects like EQ,reverb ,Como etc. well I was under the impression that this effects channels in bit wig worked the same. So I am making an “effects channel” within bit wig and placing a ,example: Reverb. And then I use the little knob in the targeted track, Example:vocal lead. Then I use the little knob on the track and turn the what I thought was the “effect input” so basically the knob would determine how much reverb the target is getting. Pretty much.

  — (Nov 10 '19 at 17:21) melgoza11

well... Bitwig has the same concept but you use tracks instead of busses. You can route teacks input and output to other tracks. There are also special tracks named effect tracks. But a deesser is not an effect I would put in a bus... I normally put an instance directly in the track, one instance per track, because every one has different content... if it’s a choir you might try to group close content tracks and put the deesser in the group. Tell me what you think. Fabrizio

  — (Nov 11 '19 at 01:58) fsciarra62

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