asked Nov 09 '19 at 19:29 by melgoza11 (11)

The only reason I’m bothering even asking this in here is because I can’t find anything online about it, am I the only one having issues with panning in bit wig? I can’t seem to hard pan left or right, I seen a video we’re a guy does it so I’m just here scratching my head like ok.... what is this knob on here for if it literally does nothing. And I really need that bard panning style because I do a lot of Adlibs and double vocals. Again sorry new too bitwig but it is an awesome daw specially coming from ableton.

I'm not sure what issue you are having. Is the pan knob not working or can't you find the pan knob? Panning is really easy in Bitwig and I never had issues in no single version of Bitwig. For example In the Mix Panel Layout the panel knob is right over the recording button, as shown on Picture named p1 In an Audio Track you can also pan the wave itself. So instead of panning the whole track you would pan your adlips or whatever this wave is directly, as shown on p2 You can also automate the panning in every track. As shown on p3 and p4. Here is the link to the pictures, unfortunaly only users with 60 karma points or higher are allowed to post pictures straight in here. Is this answering your question?


answered Nov 27 '19 at 12:47 by malaika (53)

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