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Hi, In Bitwig we can export to 16,24,32 bit wav, but how can I make music in a lower quality so that I can hear the result live while I'm producing. Actually we render the WAV and then convert it to the desired format. You always need some processes and modifications for the desired format.

E.G. Ozone 7 or expensive Pro Plugins can create a preview in any common format, Mp3-128, Mp3-256, wav-16bit, wav-32bit and so on.

The problem is the conversion in a lower format codec (e.g. 64 kbps OPUS? used in soundcloud) It sounds good on Biwig but after the conversion process its mud. This is a basic Problem with Codecs and converting also for Streamings Services...and his Mastering Chain. Of course its also a a learning process to do mastering well.

It would be a lot easier to change the DAW Audio Output to "Mp3-128kbps" or similar and make music, then you know what it sounds like in the process of creating. Or exporting in several formats at the same time, like in FL Studio. A setting for 8bit music will surely please some. haha*

just thinking - Cheers.

+1 Also, in production stage I would like to export to MP3 to upload to my phone, to check my mix on various devices. Those wavs are very hard on my available upload/download mb's and phone's hard drive.


answered Nov 13 '19 at 13:40 by Greefmeister (11)

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