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Of the Linux solutions available, Bitwig comes the closest. I'm prepared to purchase it but for one thing - and perhaps someone can show me how to do this.

Of CRITICAL importance to any musical production is the ability to nuance expression and dynamics.

MUST HAVE: * Import MIDI. It appears to have this but I'm not convinced it didn't just pre-render a wave and import that, which would be a deal-breaker. * Ability to edit the key velocity, preferably via a control/automation lane (using pencil, not right-click on every note and enter number) * Pedal on/off * Tempo lane (for accel, ritard, fermata)

NICE-TO-HAVE, but not critical * Ability to view MIDI score (actual musical notes).

Can someone point me in the right direction? I will purchase a license if Bitwig has all of the must-have items.

Thank you.

Okay, apparently I had two files in the directory, haunting.mid and haunting.wav. Either I imported haunting.wav or the tool automatically changed the extension due to the presence of the .WAV file on the (Linux equivalent of the) OLE drop event.

I deleted the .WAV file and it imported the MIDI, which now looks like MIDI. And I see the velocity lane - nice work Bitwig team!

I do see dynamics there. Now to replace that awful synth with a Steinway grand sound...


answered Mar 12 '15 at 21:27 by gerg (96)

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