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Hey there, unless I'm missing something obvious, I think beatmatching and BPM detection could be made much easier if you could scale an entire audioevent uniformly (i.e. changing its raw tempo, not stretching) by dragging around onsets in the event editor.

Here's an example:

Let's recorded some audio; no metronome, no predetermined BPM. Just record and go.

Now we have a clip, and in that clip is an audio event. Bitwig's tempo setting is still at the default 110 bpm, but we didn't record to a click or anything like that, so our audio event is not. How do we sync this up?

Well, if we hit play and we count along with our recording until we hit the end of the 4th measure (or the first beat of the 5th measure), we can probably identify the exact onset/transient that matches up with that beat. We're musicians and we know that specific onset lands right on the start of measure 5, but because our project is still set to the default tempo, odds are that our transient won't be anywhere near 5.1 on the "beat ruler", right?

So, we know exactly where onset for the "real" 5.1 is, and we also know where it should be on the beat ruler (notch 5.1) but, from what I can tell, there's no easy way to tell Bitwig, "hey, the real 5.1 is right here!". I know you can tap the tempo while playing the raw audio, and that's not bad, but it would really be a beautiful thing if you could drag the onset at "real" 5.1 over to the 5.1 marker on the beat ruler, or vice versa, and have the entire clip/event scale proportionately by adjusting the tempo. No calculators, stopwatches, tapping, or other programs necessary--just drag, scale, and drop!

Maybe there's some combination of keyboard modifiers and drag zones that allows for this already, but if there isn't I think it'd be a massive improvement for basic audio editing, eh?

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