asked Nov 16 '19 at 12:27 by chameleonvision (41)

Yes, there are still moments in the life of a producer that require something like the windows WASAPI driver. Why would Bitwig remove the inputs of the WASAPI drivers?

PLEASE reenable these drivers, it seems to be the only solutoin for me to stream audio over USB to the Percussa SSP eurorack module.

I tried Asio4All, FL Studio Asio, Dante Via, Flexasio... it's all not working properly.

I know I'm not the only one complaining about this, but it needs attention!!

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answered Jan 12 at 22:59 by Dennis (21)

This is a joke right! Why should anyone buy the DAW again if things like this happen? I just got my Windows Workstation and now running into this problem. I've been on Linux and didn't know this was a problem until now.


answered Jan 17 at 03:43 by yanike (11)

I think Bitwig development is focusing on the extraordinary creative aspects of the software, but a lot of complaints of people are not adressed even after years. I think as the team of Bitwig grows, it will adress these things more properly, I hope.

So far I found a solution for my Percussa SSP, I'm using ASIO4ALL and after setting it up right it now works properly. In the beginning it didn't work because you have to set the buffer size for the inputs, outputs AND the device itself.

But yea, bring full WASAPI support back please!


answered Jan 17 at 09:29 by chameleonvision (41)

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