asked Nov 16 '19 at 18:32 by icaroguerreiro (80)

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Hi! How i can use FM/PM and change Wave Phase in the Grid Sampler (Using Freeze Cycles Mode)?

I think the most elegant solution is have a Phase Input/Controller when Freeze Cycles Mode (Wavetable Mode) is selected.


PS: For some reason using Pitch Input doesnt work for FM.

PS2: Actually im using delay for emulate PM or change the Wave Phase. But this has problems in melodic stuff(cause every pitch has a different "Phase Point") and transient/short/stacatto sounds.

Hi, I am not an expert in this subject but believe this guy answers part of your questions: Regards, Former


answered Jan 27 at 18:06 by former (266)

I realize this is kind of an old question, but I tried to frequency modulate a sample as well (in the sampler) and I was able to run the output of the sampler to the Phase In of an oscillator and control the level with the phase in knob. It seems to be modulating that audio signal fairly well, I'm getting some really crunchy, aggressive sounds out of it.

EDIT: Nevermind, I guess that's Phase Modulation, not Frequency Modulation.


answered Jan 31 at 07:38 by joncarr (23)

edited Jan 31 at 08:30

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