asked Nov 17 '19 at 13:00 by Alckemy (51)

Hi Bitwig!

Loving the software; just a couple of improvements would really make this a dream! 1. Mseg modulator. The random Function comes pretty close but having a precise means of multi stages beyond 4 points would be incredible! 2. Audio stretch handle on the sides via [shift+drag] would be a huge workflow increase as I mangle audio as my primary workflow. it's not bad, and the right click to double or half is pretty neat, but not all of my audio is synced to a bpm. 3. Some sort of soft clipper to push audio through and chop the tops off. I know you're not ableton, and I know you're not going to make a glue compressor, but even a waveshaper of sorts or feature that can keep the gain from peaking would be great. Also a saturation/tube plugin :) 4. more color options/skins-very minor

Hopefully some other folks share the same ideas!

Just came here for the first time looking for preexisting requests for a transport synced looping multi-segment envelope modulator, and lo and behold.

So, thirding that request. 4-stage is almost there


answered Nov 19 '19 at 02:32 by vkd7 (31)

Hi Alckemy,

I love the MSEG suggestion - that modulator would be very useful. It might be possible to come close using a combination of exisiting modulators, but I haven't dived into that yet - maybe someone else can advise?

I don't know whether you've already found the existing chains and presets in Bitwig for soft clippers and saturation and are looking for something different, but if not they are available by searching from the preset browser. They don't always fit with what I'm working on, so I find myself using u-he Presswerk and/or Satin more often.

Regarding the audio stretch problem, Bitwig puts audio into containers in the arranger. If you go into the clip, you can stretch the audio within that. Here's some info:

Tip 20 on this page:

Also, check out section (page 198) of the user manual.

Just to make you aware (because I wasn't) there is an old post on here about not putting feature requests on the Q&A forum - rather send these directly to the support team.

[closed] Where to send feature or support requests for Bitwig Studio As this is place is intended for users to mainly ask and answer questions about the usage of Bitwig Studio, please send actual feature and support requests to our support team directly. Thanks!

The support team email address is

Hope this helps - cheers!


answered Nov 18 '19 at 14:37 by Kavokei (53)

edited Nov 18 '19 at 14:40

So sorry for posting in the wrong place! Thank you for clarifying^^

  — (Nov 19 '19 at 09:36) Alckemy

Hey Everyone- I found a decent fix for time stretching on the timeline. It's not perfect but I have mapped the stretch by 50% and 200% to the open and closed brackets "[" and "]" respectively. Hope that is useful to someone!


answered Nov 27 '19 at 18:46 by Alckemy (51)

Hi, Polarity announced for Bitwig 3.2 that the Steps module in the Grid gets closer to an MSEG now: the steps can be interpolated, that brings it quite close! :) best regards, Former


answered Apr 21 at 14:56 by former (277)

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