asked Nov 18 at 19:28 by optimysterie (11)

I want to know if it's possible to record audio and midi from mainstage to bitwig, and also possibly to play back midi clips from bitwig that target mainstage. The main point is to set up mainstage as a performance environment that can be recorded in bitwig.

Apparently Jack is the way to go, but documentation, UI, versions and compatibility appear to be all over the place. I have not found anywhere an install guide and there are only source files. It's not clear if Jack is working on Mojave, or if the QJackCtl GUI is working.

Is Jack a viable solution? Or is there some other way?

Basically I want to set up my nanokontrol2 mapping in mainstage (for rehearsal and live performance, patch switching without cutting off tails etc) and not have to redo everything in bitwig for sketching out song ideas or recording parts. A lot of mainstage's appeal is having a controller map that will be tweaked for individual instruments and patches, with on-screen feedback for where everything is: FX on/off, dry/wet, delay time, sync on/off, arp settings, synth parameters etc.

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