asked Nov 25 '19 at 22:17 by DotSolenoid (61)


I'm using a Wacom drawing tablet ... some things work but the contextual menu seems useless. If I press the pen a menu appears but selecting an option in the second ring seems impossible. Moving my pen left or right draw a note ...

In tablet mode it seems worse, maybe because of the lack of any real multitouch input

For now I need to disable pen gestures (only the first ring seems to work) en replay on "mouse" actions.

Where can I find useful information about the usage of a drawing tablet in bitwig? The manual just assume you have a multitouch input device,

I'm using an XP-Pen Deco and have the exact same issues. The ring menu is meant for touch actually, so it's useless unless you have a multitouch tablet or display. Bitwig needs to separate pen and touch for drawing tablets to work properly with Bitwig.

For now, disabling pen gestures is the only way out, which is sad.


answered Dec 12 '19 at 02:11 by ritesh808 (21)

A simple "use single touch" option would solve this. This mode just adds a small delay (500 ms) to accept the second input within the touch menu ring. Its an easy fix to extend the touch interface for single touchscreens & drawingtablets.


answered Jan 10 at 12:26 by DotSolenoid (61)

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