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Hello folks!

There is something I would like to do in Bitwig, but I didn't figure out how. So my questions are: Is the following step possible with Bitwig? If yes, how? If no, can you suggest a work around or a good price/performance plug-in to do it? I need the following step for beat producing and mastering. 1. If I import a wav-file, I want to downsample this file to any sample rate I wish, like this guy does in FL Studio

I am aware that I can go to Settings->Audio and chose some preseted sample rates like 44.1 khz and higher. I'm using the most recent update of Bitwig.

Didn't think that this question is so tricky. My conclusion is, there is no option to change freely the sample rate, what is quiet disappointing.

My solution: I found a plugin-in that does change the sample rate (or fakes to change the sample rate): decimort 2 by D16Group.


answered Dec 01 '19 at 17:20 by malaika (53)

Thanks very much for that information.

run 3


answered Jan 09 at 09:27 by lamarcohen (11)

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You're welcome :)

  — (Jan 10 at 23:09) malaika

We'd appreciate it if you could share the developments with us.



answered May 01 at 15:17 by leonardbbrown (9)

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Unfortunaly I don't have any news. I still use the plug-in decimort 2 by D16Group to change the sample rate. It does it's job I can recommend it.

  — (May 01 at 17:29) malaika

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