asked Mar 13 '15 at 06:33 by gerg (96)

I spent several hours wrestling with JACK, a2jmidid, Bitwig Studio, and Fluidsynth (via QSynth frontend), which plays a synthfont and gives me some normal instruments (like horns, piano, strings, etc).

Finally got the routings just right and the stars were aligned such that I finally heard sound from the VST.

Now the next step is to route that wave audio from the VST back into BWS for mixing and post-processing.

How do I do it?


If it's a VST plugin loaded in Bitwig Studio there should be no routing necessary as the sound will simply be playing in the track that the plugin is loaded in. I'm no too familiar with the technology you use though, Fluidsynth and QSynth, does that mean it's a stand-alone application running alongside Bitwig Studio that you need to route the audio from?

  — (Mar 16 '15 at 09:24) fredrik

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