asked Dec 01 '19 at 01:00 by LPChip (21)

I'm trying to record what plays on my computer directly into Bitwig Studio 3.0.3.

I've setup the audio device, I've setup windows 10 to the right device, and if I play for example a video on youtube, I see the VU meters respond correctly to the audio I hear through my speakers.

If I then start to record, the audio is garbled beyond recognition. I recognize this audio as an audio feedback loop.

I notice that as I record the audio into a track, Bitwig also plays it, causing it to be record a second time, which is again played back, which causes it to be recorded yet another time, etc...

I've tried many things to get this working. From not setting an output to the track, to soloing another track so it won't be played, but I can't seem to figure out how to make Bitwig understand that there's a feedback loop that it should avoid.

I have 2 soundcards, and in Windows, I can succesfully set the recording device to the other soundcard, and play the audio from any app over the other soundcard. Windows Settings succesfully shows me that the What-U-Hear from the other soundcard is receiving that app's sound, but because Bitwig can't record audio from anything other than the playback audio, that solution yields no audio at all.

How can I record What-U-Hear succesfully in BitWig Studio 3.0.3?


I have no experience on windows actually. I use linux with jack and pulseaudio with the jack-sink and it’s super-easy to do what you say.

In your case, have you tried to deselect monitoring for the track you are recording?

I guess you did.

Then mute bitwig master so it’s output is not going through.

Should work.



answered Dec 01 '19 at 18:55 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

I think I tried all that, but I'll give it another shot tonight.

  — (Dec 02 '19 at 11:36) LPChip

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