asked Dec 01 '19 at 16:38 by poigre (11)

So your Audio sidechain modulator has an attack time range of 1ms to 1000ms. I am using it to sidechain volume on my bass with a kick drum. The problem is because 1ms is after the kick plays, there is a click in the transient when the two play together. Is it possible in Bitwig for the sidechain to activate before the actual device plays? like -10ms. In Ableton there's a feature in their compressor called "Look" which does this. I don't want to use volume automation curves or offset the kick on the timeline because that is excrutiatingly tedious and messy.

in the Dynamics module you can drop Time Shift straight in the pre-fx slot.


answered Dec 08 '19 at 17:56 by M-Prod (96)

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