asked Dec 02 at 15:39 by litui (11)

In Windows 10, trying to use Kontakt for a couple of my instruments, I notice the processor monitor peaks or hits 70% in Bitwig while my overall system processor consumption remains below 20% (observed in Task Manager). This prompts multiple questions for me:

1) is Bitwig's CPU monitor only looking at a single core? It seems to be measuring processor consumption on a smaller scale than it should be if it's using multiple cores.

2) Does Bitwig allow VSTs to use multiple cores, or is BitwigPluginHost64 limited to a single thread/core at once?

Thank you.

Hello Iitui

I just runned Bitwig with 20 VST's, mostly Kontakt, on W10 Pro 64-bit. I observed the performence of each core of my processor. All 4 cores of my Intel Core i5-7640X 4.00GHz we're loaded 90%. When I closed Bitwig all 4 cores fell to 10%. I conclude, yes Bitwig and it's VST's definitly uses multible cores. I have no idea about the CPU monitor. While running the 20 VST's bitwig displayed around 50% instead of the 90%, that makes no sense. I recommend to stick to the numbers shown in the task manager.

Kind regards


answered Dec 05 at 06:35 by malaika (28)

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