asked Dec 02 '19 at 15:39 by litui (13)

In Windows 10, trying to use Kontakt for a couple of my instruments, I notice the processor monitor peaks or hits 70% in Bitwig while my overall system processor consumption remains below 20% (observed in Task Manager). This prompts multiple questions for me:

1) is Bitwig's CPU monitor only looking at a single core? It seems to be measuring processor consumption on a smaller scale than it should be if it's using multiple cores.

2) Does Bitwig allow VSTs to use multiple cores, or is BitwigPluginHost64 limited to a single thread/core at once?

Thank you.

Hello Iitui

I just runned Bitwig with 20 VST's, mostly Kontakt, on W10 Pro 64-bit. I observed the performence of each core of my processor. All 4 cores of my Intel Core i5-7640X 4.00GHz we're loaded 90%. When I closed Bitwig all 4 cores fell to 10%. I conclude, yes Bitwig and it's VST's definitly uses multible cores. I have no idea about the CPU monitor. While running the 20 VST's bitwig displayed around 50% instead of the 90%, that makes no sense. I recommend to stick to the numbers shown in the task manager.

Kind regards


answered Dec 05 '19 at 06:35 by malaika (53)

Bitwig can use an unlimited number of cores, but internally it can't have an effect on one VST instance. So one Kontakt instance will use just one thread (unless the plugin has an internal support for multiple threads), but two instances BW can spread over two cores.


answered Dec 17 '19 at 11:45 by Taika-Kim (126)

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