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I'm currently working on a new workflow witch maschine and ableton and found one thing that ableton can't do and that's routing of automation.

I'm using maschine for grouping related sounds/synths and then create 16 midi tracks that have midi routed into single maschine instance. And now comes the tricky part, i can do automations only on the channel where the maschine plugin resides on but it would be better to somehow do the automation on the particular midi track and send it to the maschine channel.

Is it possible in bitwig studio ?

Yes! Have a look at this example - you create MIDI CC automation lanes where you want (e.g. on individual MIDI tracks in your example), then read the MIDI - in this case CC only - from those tracks on the destination track (in your case the one where Maschine is) and use that info via MIDI modulator to automate parameters.


answered Dec 08 '19 at 22:53 by antic604 (673)


OK finally managed to do what i want whit it :) The only thing i miss here is to be able to rename the automation lane or at least get rid of the predefined names likee CC1=Modulation, CC2=Breath control. IS it possible or should i file feature request somoewhere ? :)

  — (Dec 09 '19 at 21:43) Depka

Happy to hear you worked it out! I don't think you can rename it, but perhaps send a request to

  — (Dec 10 '19 at 08:42) antic604

I was able to do it by assigninng Chain macros to MIDI CC knobs, the macros can be renamed and that translates to automation lanes, so it's a workaround but i can live with that for a while. Still the direct renambing would be dope tho.

  — (Dec 10 '19 at 18:06) Depka

Oh cool ! Will check this out tonight :) Thank you for the example as well :) If this will work out as i expect you just got yourself a new customer :)


answered Dec 09 '19 at 13:52 by Depka (31)

Check this file instead - I've added an example for LFO routing as well.

  — (Dec 09 '19 at 14:45) antic604

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