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I'm using automation in an arrangement that increases the length of decay on a grid device envelope. As the track plays I can see my automation line should increase the decay time but the remote control knob for the device starts turning and then simply stops after a short period as if it has got stuck. If I manually change the current track position then the macro knob accurately reflects the automation lane value.

To recreate this: - 1. Start new project 2. Add Polysynth track, preset 'Bass 1'. 3. Create pattern across 12 bars in arrangement 4. On the polysynth remote control for 'Release', right click and choose 'Add Automation Lane' 5. In the arrangement view add automation point for 'Release' to start at 0% at bar 3, and another point at bar 10 at 100% 6. Play the song, the Release control only gets as far as 12.5% before it stops increasing. It then goes straight to 100% when it hits the 2nd automation point at bar 10.

This is on Bitwig Studio 3.1 Beta 3 (Windows 10). I don't have any hardware controllers linked to this automation lane or even plugged in. I cannot recreate this in Bitwig Studio 3.0.3.

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