asked Dec 08 '19 at 05:22 by jetjag (21)

I would like to capture the MIDI information at the end of a note fx chain, in order to select my favourite bits from it and to potentially make some clips that I'll play back on different instruments.

I'm using enough modulators and options that it's hard to predict the good bits and I am at the point when I don't want each time I play the track to sound so different.

Is the only option to bounce to audio? This will probably work fine for selecting my favourite parts, but if there is some way to capture the MIDI that actually reaches the instrument, I think that would give me more flexibility.

OK, someone helped me on the Bitwig Discord chat - the missing step was to create a new instrument track and then set that to receive the midi from the end of the chain. Then I just added a new midi clip, and recorded into it.


answered Dec 08 '19 at 07:29 by jetjag (21)

edited Dec 08 '19 at 07:29

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