asked Dec 08 '19 at 19:19 by optimysterie (11)

Bitwig bpm detection really does not work, and the whole workflow around importing audio and then trying to align it to grid while guessing or tapping the tempo, or bounce in place a trimmed version, is likely to kill creativity fast. When you are working with 100s of clips that is not an option really.

Maybe easier than the bounce in place workaround would be to run all project audio through a bulk bpm analyzer (possibly appending x0bpm to the file name so the detection algorithm will pick that up.

Anyone know of a good one, that's either free or cheap, for OSX, that can handle .wav and .aiff?

I did some more searching and found Melodyne 4 (has a one month free trial). This is some amazing software! It calculates the changing tempo on the fly, gives an average tempo for the whole file, detects time signature and can export a midi tempo map.

Unfortunately Bitwig cannot yet import this midi file, but if we can have an automation lane on the master track for tempo/time signature then it should be possible to translate the Melodyne midi file somehow. Apparently lots of people who work with bands, singers, orchestras etc have been asking for this.

Finally a workable solution for getting tempo from audio. It's a little slow, but not nearly as slow as alternatives!


answered Dec 08 '19 at 23:12 by optimysterie (11)

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