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Hi everybody, I am just beginning to learn how to use bitwig. I don't find any explanation about how importing midi files. I want to use phrases composed in musecore. Thanks in advance for tours answers. Nath

Just drag the MIDI file to Bitwig - either from Bitwig's browser or from your desktop, explorer / finder


answered Dec 11 '19 at 16:34 by antic604 (602)

Hi To be more precise:

1, Import plain midi files (if not stored with your project locally) into \Users[yourName]\Music\music_data\bitwig_library\Clips (windows).

2.Open bitwig, oben the browser, section for "Clips". Then search for a midi file name or drill down the folder structure.

3.Once found, drag it into your target track.

I see that "clips" can have metadata- so the full options for tagging, using collections, meta search etc is available :) So you can add your chord type, tempi etc and then later just search for that. - see also the thread about "Smart Collections" for more insight into management of plenty of midi files:

best regards, Former


answered Mar 07 at 11:49 by former (126)

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One thing that is disappointing though is that you can audition a midi clip, but instead of playing on the selected track, it will play simple sine tones. This is especially unhelpful if you are auditioning midi drum loops.


answered Mar 12 at 04:12 by Magic_Russ (61)

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