asked Dec 14 '19 at 17:14 by dwuw (11)

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I was about to buy Shaperbox 2, but came across some strange comments on kvr or reddit, where people reported that every time they open up Shaperbox 2 in Bitwig - as VST or (with Blue Cat's Patchwork) AU - it asks for uploading the license, and no matter how often they point to the license, the next time when openend the plugin ask again. On the other hand both AU and VST are working without problems in Logic and Live, so they speculated that Bitwig might be resposible for that. Also they reported, that deleting and regenerating Bitwigs VST cache did not help.

If you use Shaperbox 2 in Bitwig, please tell me your experience, since I really want to buy it. Thanks.

It works great for me, but probably a different setup of course. I'm on Win 10 and using it as a straight VST. Really fun to throw at loops to see what happens (I haven't worked it much with bitwig modulation, so I can't answer that quite yet)


answered Dec 25 '19 at 15:06 by iowastate89 (9)

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