asked Dec 14 '19 at 21:59 by Thumbz (23)

I'm trying to enable/disable arpeggiators with midi notes.

I can put arpeggiators in a drum rack, but the midi wont come out.

I can put arpeggiators in an instrument layer with note conditions for each, but the midi wont come out.

How can I set up multiple arpeggiators to run simultaneously depending on which note is being pressed.

Figured it out.

  1. Make a drum machine, add arpeggiators to each note you want arpeggiated
  2. Create a group track, add your instrument here
  3. Make a bunch of instrument tracks in the group. Make the output of all of them go to the Group Master Track (not group master audio)
  4. Add note receivers to each track. Make each of the receivers route to a drum machine group.

Done. Now you can have different arpeggiators for different notes.


answered Dec 14 '19 at 22:15 by Thumbz (23)

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