asked Mar 17 '15 at 15:57 by Draed45 (11)

What usb audio interface works best with bitwig?

There is no dedicated interface for bitwig, So I would just go for some brands with some credibility like: - RME - Motu - Focusrite - Steinberg

Furthermore look at your needs connection wise. Of course you can go high-end, but that comes with a firm pricetag.

Hope this helps a bit


answered Mar 18 '15 at 08:04 by Solidtrax (1.0k)

I have audient id22. Defently among the best for mic preamp in its pricerange. but Rme have the most stable drivers. Focusrite if your on a budget. ive heard native-instrument have one good also :) There are plenty of good aduio cards. I suggest you do some research on what youre after :) Any card will do as long it will support your type of connection and system (windows, osx, linux). Cheers


answered Mar 18 '15 at 13:50 by ronnyrydgren (1.2k)

Thanks for the input! just got Bitwig and enjoy the relative ease of use but am having trouble with the audio interface. Currently have tried a Tascam US-144,wich seems to be incompatible with my system, a new HP 15 running windows 8. Keep getting a driver error message when loading software.... also have a MBOX2 mini but requires I load Pro Tools 8 software that came with it and I am trying to avoid that. Guess I will keep looking. Thanks


answered Mar 18 '15 at 21:46 by Draed45 (11)

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