asked Dec 18 '19 at 12:08 by optimysterie (11)

Raw audio waveform does not match sound

(more details in the video description)

Slice audio scrambles raw audio position

This bug has existed from v1 until now.

I usually work with raw audio clips that have a tempo set per scene. The audio I hear and the waveform shown for the clip do not match up, which makes editing and auditioning sounds difficult. Sometimes the audio does match, but it is inconsistent. Usually slicing the audio will throw off the position of the next chunk.

I realise that, in theory, if the tempo is definite, then using a stretch mode will not affect the sound and should fix the waveform display, but sometimes I want to keep raw audio, like if the tempo is free and only approximate / averaged (calculated using Melodyne). In these cases stretch mode will never accurately guess the tempo anyway.

This surely must be a bug? Whichever raw or stretch mode you set should redraw the waveform in the clip window to represent what you actually hear, correctly positioned on the tempo grid. It's been a while since I looked at Ableton, but I'm fairly sure this is what happens there.

Anyone else notice this? Tempo automation and raw audio editing is the number one workflow bottleneck for me in Bitwig. It's probably what I do the most of.

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I received a response from Bitwig on this:

"Raw audio only lines up correctly if there are no tempo automations or tempo changes while working on the project. If you have to change the tempo, this only works with the stretch mode, but it is something that we might improve in the future."

I have queried this as there may be confusion about the question being answered. If I receive a reply I will post it here.

But this basically means, as I understand it, raw audio waveforms will not line up correctly when tempo is on the scene, rather than project tempo. This would be a surprisingly bad UX if it is intentional.

I think there may be some confusion in this response. The answer may be relating to raw audio lining up with the grid in terms of timing, which, obviously raw audio would not if there were tempo changes / wrong tempo and the raw audio was of a set tempo. It really is not clear, well explained or intuitive at all at the moment.

If you look at the videos, the problem (although sound quality is poor from using internal mic instead of soundlfower!) should be clear enough.


answered Dec 20 '19 at 12:10 by optimysterie (11)

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