asked Dec 19 '19 at 06:15 by ESonix (21)

I just upgraded to 3.1 today (from 3.0.x) and now I cannot open one of my old projects from 3.0.x. I just get an error dialog saying "Could not open project", with a series of exception messages like "Could not read item for relationship launcher_clip_note_editor_selection in class float_core.float_document_display_settings" and so on.

(Note, I would have uploaded a complete screenshot of the dialog box, but apparently I need "Karma > 60" on this forum to do that, so, well, whatever... So devs, if you want the complete set of error messages for debugging purposes, let me know where to send the dialog box screenshot. Or, if there's a plaintext log file somewhere that I can cut-and-paste here, please let me know where I can find it on my system).

I have tested this on both MacOS 10.14.6 as well as Win10, and both exhibit the same behavior.


My Bitwig 3.1. will not even starts, it just stop at the loading screen :/


answered Dec 19 '19 at 13:46 by Amitrix (56)

Oh wow, sorry to hear that! At least I can start the program, just can't open my old projects.

  — (Dec 19 '19 at 14:00) ESonix

Hey StenBurrito102 I got this answer from Support and it worked. Just remember to uninstall all the applications/earlier versions updates in the APP. I can also use my old projects :)

It takes a little time for the first startup, just so you know. Then it should be fine.

Hi, please uninstall the application completely from the windows control panel in the apps and features section, restart your machine and install it again. It should work fine then. Best regards, Bitwig Support Team


answered Dec 21 '19 at 14:00 by Amitrix (56)

edited Dec 21 '19 at 14:01

I received a reply from Bitwig support today regarding my bug ticket for this issue. There's a temporary workaround for this problem until they implement and release a bug fix:

  1. Re-open the project in 3.0.3
  2. Completely close the clip launch window
  3. Re-save the project
  4. Open the project in 3.1

I have verified that this workaround does indeed eliminate the problem, I can now open my old projects in 3.1 without any problems.

Granted that if you've already installed 3.1 and no longer have 3.0.3 on your system, this is slightly inconvenient, but it's not too bad. If you're on Mac (or also Linux, I assume) you can just download and re-install 3.0.3 into a temporary directory (i.e., don't need to overwrite your 3.1 install). That's what I did on MacOS, and it was quite easy. Unfortunately on Windows it appears that you cannot reinstall 3.0.3 without first uninstalling 3.1 (sorry windows users!)


answered Dec 19 '19 at 16:51 by ESonix (21)

I have the same problem like Amitrix. When I try to start Bitwig it appeares a window that says ,,<java_home>/lib/ext exists, extensions mechanism no longer supportet.; Use -classpath instead." But I dont really understand what I have to do now.


answered Dec 21 '19 at 10:07 by SteinBurrito102 (11)

I received an email today that says this has been fixed in 3.1.1


answered Dec 24 '19 at 07:40 by djx (315)

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