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I have a drum kit (Alesis DM7X) which registers as a generic MIDI controller when connected via USB. No scripts exist for it (and the manual states that none are necessary because it is "class compliant"). Running a utility like MIDI-OX I can see the notes being sent correctly. In Bitwig, if I set an instrument track input to the controller, and add a single device such as E-Clap, then all the drums will trigger that device (so I know that Bitwig is receiving the MIDI input from each hardware drum). However, if I add the drum machine device, it is never triggered. I want to set up the drum machine device such that each hardware drum will trigger a different sound in the drum machine. How can I accomplish this? Or is there a better way to have my hardware drum kit mapped to a drum kit in Bitwig?



The likely issue is that the drum machine viewport is misaligned. The drum machine device can only show you 16 of the 128 possible note slots. You can tell which slots are being viewed by looking at the left column of dark boxes. If some of these boxes are lighting up in yellow when you send MIDI information, but not inside of the white square outline, that means you just have to scroll through (using your mouse wheel or by clicking) to view the appropriate boxes.

Note that the drum machine is a container device and does not produce sound on its own. Use the plus sign in the desired box corresponding to the pitch that you want to use to and add a device (such as the E-Clap that you mentioned) in order to get it to actually produce a sound if you haven't already done so.

Also, a better (easier) way to verify that note data is entering a device is by looking at the yellow box indicator to the top left of the device. There is one between each device in the chain, so you can also use it to check if any devices are not properly passing note information to the next device.


answered Dec 30 '19 at 16:55 by jaxter184 (62)

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