asked Mar 19 '15 at 15:59 by Ulrich (407)


Dear Bitwigs, is there a plan in near future to improve the sampler device? Some things I would like to see are:

  • playhead marker showing the playhead position in the wave display

  • possibility for crossfades between samples

  • setting key ranges

  • graphic representation of envelopes in the wave display (visible control of ADSR on top of the audio material)

to name the most obvious. It's a pity that the sampler is so rudimentary while the rest of the software is so fantastic ;-)


answered Mar 21 '15 at 09:01 by ronnyrydgren (1.2k)

I´m also still struggeling with the unused potential of the sampler device. So here are some points, which could maybe improved within the next updates of bitwig:

  • possibility to cut/crop samples in the device
  • graphic representation of envelopes
  • slicing samples in the device
  • using onsets/timestretching inside sampler
  • easier navigation, especially for long samples

I think the list could go on. So all in one, the main problem is, that you are not able to edit samples directly inside the device like you could do in the audio track or with an editor. It would be cool, if the sampler would have something like an "Edit Mode". A little button you press and your screen is a big editor with this sample with all the tools (Select, Knife, ...) you have in bitwig. This could include bouncing the edited sample inside the sample editor.

So you could even edit the sample, while having a section played as a loop and you would hear immediately your changes in context.



answered Apr 15 at 17:51 by trybwguy (59)

The sampler device is really crude compared to the rest of Bitwig 2, it could really use:

  • snap to zero crossings especially for loops
  • backwards and ping-pong loops
  • loop crossfades to smoothen the loop
  • basic sample editing trim/normalize/reverse etc.
  • improved start position and loop start/length parameters so they can be used for grain synthesis with less artefacts

Please! ;)


answered Apr 20 at 22:51 by lechbialek (21)

+1 Even just the first thing - a playhead to show the playback position on the sample waveform - would be extremely helpful and probably not much work to do.


answered Aug 23 '15 at 20:11 by virek (76)

Yes +1 for the playhead marker, really miss that.


answered Oct 12 '15 at 17:34 by Bookholt (11)

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