asked Mar 20 '15 at 06:04 by trimix (89)

Why does BWS re-index all clips, instruments, etc. every time it starts?? It takes several minutes on my system. I could understand it if changes have been made, and a re-index is done to capture them when you tell it to go ahead, but when it does this every single time it starts's really getting to be a pain.
Is there some way to speed it up, or turn this function off completely- to trigger it only when I want it to look for new content???

...I'm just grateful it doesn't crash as often as Live does....OMG


Are you on OSX by chance? Do you have your samples on a NTFS partition? Because that is not a good idea. Also, some VSTs might cause this.

  — (Nov 11 '15 at 15:39) riot ♦♦

On the browser configuration tab you can turn off the auto synch button for a given library location. Then you will need to manually reindex that location.


answered Oct 25 '15 at 22:11 by nick (753)

Can you be more specific in your answer? If you turn off the auto-sync for a given location, when exactly would you need to re-index it?

  — (Nov 24 '15 at 09:05) jamesmcseattle

I'm really surprised no one has answered this. I'd like to know the answer.


answered Oct 16 '15 at 06:38 by jamesmcseattle (87)

This question was posted some time ago - I no longer have this problem. Partly due to numerous updates from Bitwig gurus...but I think the biggest difference was to add more RAM to my system (windows 8/10). Although I had 'enough" as recommended by the program, I went to 32G of RAM, and everything takes about 5 seconds now - same VSTs and files as before. Waaaaaaay better! Next is a SSD...


answered Jul 25 '16 at 16:32 by trimix (89)

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