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Hi, is possible save all current open projects as some kind of template/list file? For example, for concert it would be good to have 1 file for opening all projects I need (loaded in tabs/bookmarks on top) with my order (from left to right) and then just select next project and activate, no loading projects one by one on every start. Thanks.

Im pretty sure that Bitwig has no such feature. However, I know about a way that would somewhat achieve what you are looking for.

If you are willing to do some slight tinkering, you could setup windows to always go into hibernation instead of shutting down normally. If you then turn the PC back on, it will just load all programs like they were before, So if you only ever need to have 1 set of specific projects open at a time, this would be a good workaround.


answered Jan 04 at 00:04 by Lucariololxdrofl (11)

Hi, thanks, but see my answer.

  — (Jan 05 at 16:55) Hosek

Hello, at the end, there is method to do that, via bash script in Linux.

Make/edit script.


Add these lines.

bitwig-studio project1.bwproject project2.bwproject

Save (F2) and exit. Then you have to change rights to 770 (executable).

sudo chmod 770

Then you can start this script.


It will start 2 projects you entered in script (project1.bwproject and project2.bwproject). You can add more bitwig projects if you want.

I believe in M$ Windows there is similar way with BAT file.

Enjoy Bitwig in Linux! ;)


answered Jan 05 at 16:54 by Hosek (11)

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