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I have recently purchased Bitwig Studio 3.1 and am happy with it. I am exclusively a linux user and it being supported is an absolute requirement for buying software, so many thanks for that! After some net searching and checking the Q&A section here regarding lv2 and the current state of support, I felt the need to make another post in order to demonstrate interest.

I understand that the format is different and would require significant work to implement and support, and that "vst support works fine" (and is appreciated) but there is some excellent linux software available that only supports lv2. While there are options out there to use other platform plugins or standards, it never works satisfactorily - prone to crashing/freezing, poor or unusable automation support, lack of integration with DAW software. It almost always leads to frustration and interruption to the reason we use such software - making music and retaining motivation in the moment.

One of the main reasons for purchasing proprietary software is to gain a certain professional level of reliability and development. This was the case for me, and while there is certainly no obligation to support the lv2 plugin standard it would be an extremely welcome addition. It would be fantastic to see it available to Bitwig users and would only lead to more interest. Bitwig is (in my opinion) to date the best music production software that I have used - and I have used it all!

Thanks for reading.


It's a major up-and-coming open standard that would benefit everyone with its extensiblity and openness. It's especially important to Linux - the only major free desktop OS. It deserves our support!


answered Jan 03 at 23:55 by bing13 (61)

This would in fact be great. Some of the best Linux plugins are LV2


answered Mar 03 at 14:47 by LanaSpires (81)

+1 for me as well.

"We will consider to offer LV2 support in the future, however not in version 1.0."

Maybe in a 3.x version!? :)


I must say that FalkTX from KxStudio did an amazing job porting the most important lv2s to vst! :)


answered Mar 04 at 09:18 by klaasbijland (83)

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+1 Support for Calf alone would already seem to make this pretty useful.


answered Mar 05 at 03:44 by vkh (101)

+1 for LV2 support


answered Mar 11 at 14:04 by hoergen (51)

+1 from me as well.


answered Jan 05 at 09:53 by hiro98 (41)

I've actually found a VST wrapper for LV2 on github that works, but it's not full support, it doesn't have any UI other than the Bitwig knobs, which makes it useless for instruments like FluidSynth. The Calf Organ works and the FX sound pretty great, if you can figure out what the knobs relate to.It won't necessarily work for all LV2 plugins, but Calf seems rock solid, which you'd expect from that project.

The project is located at You have to compile it, but if you've got the basic c compiler toolchain installed, you just have to make and copy the .so file to your ~/.vst directory.


answered Mar 05 at 16:32 by LanaSpires (81)

+1 from me too. I'm using carla currently for these plugins, but it would make a big difference if they worked without the addition of a host.


answered May 01 at 18:18 by eprincen (61)

It would be great to have lv2 support indeed - I have bought Bitwig firstly because it have Linux support, secondly because it is very polished compared to alternatives.

It is a pitty that it lacks support for that one important thing that most of alternatives have.


answered May 18 at 13:13 by chodzikman (21)

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