asked Jan 04 at 16:41 by Spacey73 (11)

Guys I love this program but man my workflow is being killed by 2 things.

1: Zoom waveform display vertically? Where? How? In Cubase I just move the bottom right magnifying glass and boom all my nicely -12db average recordings are easy to see.

Trying to cut parts up and not being able to see clearly what I can definitely here (gain staging for plugins is very important so please don't say normalise all audio to see it better).

Can we not simply have Shift or Alt + middle mouse wheel = zoom waveform vertically or a global waveform vertical zoom. I'm on a 4k screen and it is becoming very tiresome trying to find the end of a recording as I can not see it...but can certainly hear it.

2: In Cubase you can drag the horizontal level bar on a part of audio in the main screen and adjust the level without having to go into the editor, very fast workflow. I can do crossfade in Bitwig this way but why not level?

Nothing? Not even any sort of reply?

No worries, I used the software for 2 days and am just waiting for my account to be deactivated by Bitwig so I can get my refund. Bitwig has some great things going for it, just need a couple of basic things that other DAW's have to get it to awesome status.


answered Jan 17 at 14:46 by Spacey73 (11)

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