asked Jan 04 at 20:03 by mpfirnhaber (11)

I have a Fiio E10K DAC that I have been using with Bitwig for a few years now. It does a great job driving my headphones, and I've never had issues with it.

Today I pick a up a Focusrite Scarlett so I can record audio in Bitwig. It works fine when set up as an ASIO device and plug my headphones into it, but I can't figure out how to set Bitwig up to use my DAC as the output device instead of the Scarlett. I would very much like use my DAC to drive my headphones while recording, since the headphone driver in the Scarlett is extremely noisy.

I managed to get both working simultaneously by installing ASIO drivers for my DAC along with ASIO4ALL, but then I get massive delay with my mic input, which makes it unusable.

What are my options? Is it even possible to set up both an ASIO and a SPDIF device simultaneously?

I can't give you the correct answer. I am interested in logic. Scarlett is your audio interface, through which you record. If you want to control this recording directly, it would have to be done via Scarlett. So Filo would need to be connected to a scarlett output?


answered Jan 27 at 07:35 by rhih (11)

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