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Hey, I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with Sonic Charge's SynPlant, but its gimmick is that it allows you to use a "genetic" approach to sound design (e.g. by creating many varients with slightly modulated parameters and "artificially selecting" the varients that you like, and they repeating that process many times). This process is really unique, fun, and makes sounds that you might never conceive of by intuition alone.

I've often wondered why nobody has created a VST wrapper (or in Bitwig, perhaps some form of a container) to allow this type of sound design process to be easily be performed with any plugin. Such a device is an innovation that I could only see Bitwig ever undertaking first, so I thought I'd send you the idea. Happy new year!

Sounds like something that could be a modulator, maybe call it a "mutator". I'm trying to think how you could build this for multiple unrelated VSTs. I'm guessing this would essentially just be a more refined randomizer with parameters that you can set manually (pulling from, the parameters the you can automate from the bigwig device container) and would allow you to select a number of "generations" you want to simulate. I'm not a programmer but it I'm pretty sure machine learning in the music industry is really taking off and I could easily see it applied to something like this.


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