asked Jan 09 at 23:40 by toniostarcevic (11)

Hi there,

I have also made a thread about this in the Image Line forums and they responded that they will get a Bitwig license to test it. Harmor is shown as a demo but it's properly registered. I also have other Image Line plugins which doesn't have this issue in Bitwig. It's only Harmor and only in Bitwig. I also have Presonus Studio One and there it's working properly. Anyone else having this issue?

No, my Harmor shows up fully registered. I activated using account login from FL Studio, and everything works fine in Bitwig 3.1.1.


answered Jan 11 at 22:31 by voidshine (302)

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Well, a few hours later and I've found some Image Line integration problems of my own...

Sakura state is not loading properly when I load a saved project. The sound is wrong and I have to go reload a preset and reprogram the synth to get it into a usable state.

Control mapping is also half broken. Some parameters won't map by moving the control in the plug-in window (for example, Hi-Cut Cutoff must be selected in the Bitwig parameter list because moving its knob in the plug-in window doesn't get picked up by remote control mapping; but Amp Decay gets picked up from the plug-in window).

  — (Jan 12 at 08:52) voidshine

...Then, the mapping only flows one way: moving knobs in the plug-in window affects the Bitwig remote control knobs, but the reverse isn't true.

Using Bitwig 3.1.2 and Sakura 1.1.5 -- happy to file a bug report if it helps.

  — (Jan 12 at 08:53) voidshine

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