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Is it possible to automate record (punch in/out) points in a track (or tracks) on arrangement view? For example, I want to record track 1 from bar 1-8, stop recording track 1, then start recording track 2 from bar 9-16 without stopping (or clicking record disable/enable, etc...), and so on, to essentially record multiple live tracks with different instruments in one pass, and having those track sections play later in the track in a pre-arranged way.

Also, after recording bars 1-8 on track 1, can you create automation to have that section play again on bar 17 without having to record again or stop? Are there automation paramenters for track record on/off? I think you can do this in Live 10 with IAC driver and track automation (Elise Trouw-style). Also on ALK 2 by Not sure if something similar is possible in Bitwig. Thanks for any insights.

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