asked Jan 11 at 13:04 by Mironov (31)

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No plugin found in file with sub path.. i got this message on loading some of the plugins from the same fabfilter bundle: everything loading except saturn and pro-R, i reinstall bundle couple of times, placed the files in different folders, the same message pops up

but if i reveal file and drag it from explorer the plugin is opening

Any ideas?

windows 10, bitwig 3.1.2, latest fabfilter bundle

Solved it by reinstalling windows

  — (Feb 06 at 07:49) Mironov

I've got the same message for pigments 2 in Bitwig 3.1.2 on a Mac. Help much appreciated. Works fine on my Windows machine tho.


answered Jan 14 at 13:42 by senci (21)

me toooo!


answered Jan 14 at 16:05 by olliejacobs (11)

me three! with HALion 6


answered Feb 06 at 07:39 by chrisindo (11)

I'm having the same problem loading Pigments 2. I am running Windows 10 OS and Bitwig 3.1.2


answered Feb 06 at 19:17 by Pootie77 (11)

Have you tried using VST2 instead of VST3?!?


answered Mar 16 at 11:57 by olliejacobs (11)

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