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No plugin found in file with sub path.. i got this message on loading some of the plugins from the same fabfilter bundle: everything loading except saturn and pro-R, i reinstall bundle couple of times, placed the files in different folders, the same message pops up

but if i reveal file and drag it from explorer the plugin is opening

Any ideas?

windows 10, bitwig 3.1.2, latest fabfilter bundle

Solved it by reinstalling windows

  — (Feb 06 at 07:49) Mironov

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I've got the same message for pigments 2 in Bitwig 3.1.2 on a Mac. Help much appreciated. Works fine on my Windows machine tho.


answered Jan 14 at 13:42 by senci (21)

If it’s an option for you, switch to the VST2 versions of the plugins while the bug (fingers crossed) get fixed, you can deselect “prefer VST3 over VST2” in preferences/locations - or - I actually .zipped the offending VST3 plugins in my plugins folder, which forces Bigwig to use the VST2 version! X


answered Apr 20 at 11:53 by olliejacobs (63)

Hey guys, I think I figured it out. It's a problem with Bitwig's Index.

I deleted the 'Index' folder in User/Library/Application Support/Bitwig/Bitwig Studio (I'm on a Mac but I'm sure there'll be a windows equivalent) - after relaunch bitwig reindexes all your files (which takes a while) - then everything works as expected!


answered May 26 at 13:07 by olliejacobs (63)

me toooo!


answered Jan 14 at 16:05 by olliejacobs (63)

me three! with HALion 6


answered Feb 06 at 07:39 by chrisindo (11)

I'm having the same problem loading Pigments 2. I am running Windows 10 OS and Bitwig 3.1.2


answered Feb 06 at 19:17 by Pootie77 (11)

Have you tried using VST2 instead of VST3?!?


answered Mar 16 at 11:57 by olliejacobs (63)

Experiencing this issue now with some of my Slate Digital plugins, only 2 in particular, I've tried a reinstall of both of those plugins and nothing is fixing this. I have a ton of project files that utilize these plugins so I need to figure out a solution.


answered Apr 17 at 01:26 by neonhaus (11)

Experiencing this, too, now with 3.1.3. How do I switch to VST 2 (until it's figured out)?


answered Apr 19 at 09:55 by qgg (11)

Went through troubleshooting with Slate Digital in regards to the two plugins I've been having trouble with to no avail, it's on Bitwigs' end, and I've now encountered the error with some of my Plugin Alliance stuff. I've tried uninstalling Bitwig (and the plugins in question) and it's still happening.

Sent in a ticket with customer service here a few days ago, I'm hoping we can figure this one out.


answered Apr 20 at 02:21 by neonhaus (11)

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