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Hi, Is there any way to recognize what exact frequency is played in the newest Bitwig for a certain key ? I can use the new "Micropitch" device to see - when I play a C3- that this in the range to C3..but If I want to know, how far I stray from the exact frequency of there a way to achieve this ? I looked around the notes and FX modulators, in the grid but found nothing. Use Case: I have built an instrument, but it sounds somewhat detuned..when I combine it with others, there is no harmonic in this. It's cool we can detune with "micropitch" but I first want to tune in the instrument. The "Filters" modulators don't do the job..I guess there is a way to build something, I just could not figure it out. There is a module in grid to show numerical values, but it changes to fast..and adding "average" somehow, destroys the values. regards, Former

Found a partial answer: i can „bounce“ a track to get a static sample. Then right click on it and select „make multisample“. On this new track with multisample, open the sampler device, enter it, select a single sample and right click it For „find root key“-this reveals also pitch deviations. How accurate does that root key thing work? Had some quirky results for a piano sampler, harmonics was not great..any experiences? Regards, Former


answered Jan 16 at 13:14 by former (11)

However, the "Find Root key" works not very precise- my imported Steinberg Piano Samples sound quite detuned, when I apply "find root key" mecano..and also any other acoustic plug instrument that method has narrow limits. Would be nice to have an FX device for that (with higher precision.)


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