asked Jan 14 at 22:02 by former (126)

Hi, Is there any way to recognize what exact frequency is played in the newest Bitwig for a certain key ? I can use the new "Micropitch" device to see - when I play a C3- that this in the range to C3..but If I want to know, how far I stray from the exact frequency of there a way to achieve this ? I looked around the notes and FX modulators, in the grid but found nothing. Use Case: I have built an instrument, but it sounds somewhat detuned..when I combine it with others, there is no harmonic in this. It's cool we can detune with "micropitch" but I first want to tune in the instrument. The "Filters" modulators don't do the job..I guess there is a way to build something, I just could not figure it out. There is a module in grid to show numerical values, but it changes to fast..and adding "average" somehow, destroys the values. regards, Former

Found a partial answer: i can „bounce“ a track to get a static sample. Then right click on it and select „make multisample“. On this new track with multisample, open the sampler device, enter it, select a single sample and right click it For „find root key“-this reveals also pitch deviations. How accurate does that root key thing work? Had some quirky results for a piano sampler, harmonics was not great..any experiences? Regards, Former


answered Jan 16 at 13:14 by former (126)

However, the "Find Root key" works not very precise- my imported Steinberg Piano Samples sound quite detuned, when I apply "find root key" mecano..and also any other acoustic plug instrument that method has narrow limits. Would be nice to have an FX device for that (with higher precision.)


answered Jan 19 at 23:37 by former (126)

Anyone tried to build a pitch recognition Using the grid? Could actually work..????


answered Jan 22 at 13:40 by former (126)

hope to see improvements. Something was so wrong with project it made almost impossible to work on. Thanks everyone for the help!


answered Jan 30 at 13:44 by LukeNash (9)

I made a trial using the free VST Mauto Pitch From Mela -that was okay-ish, but a bit nervous in the display, not so sure about the pitch recognition. And then the free Gtune - that works fairly well on a first glance. No installation problem (Win10), no copy protections etc..I think I go for Gtune/GSnap to get my Piano tuned properly, and also some of the created synth need that. The open question: did anyone get such a pitch recognition/tuner built into the Grid ?


answered Jan 31 at 11:01 by former (126)

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