asked Jan 17 at 01:22 by Civa (99)

I am, once again, going to ask why the bitwig drum machine does not expand it's tracks in the arranger. Logic does this. Studio One does this. Cubase does this. EVEN ABLETON DOES THIS.

I requested, years ago, that with the introduction of group tracks, the drum machine be able to expand it's individual drum tracks in the arranger. The presentation would be that each individual pad, when seen in the linear arranger, would have its own track. The "Group" track would have whatever effects are in the main effects rack of the drum machine.

With group tracks finally in bitwig (at the time i asked), this should have been a simple feature to include. Why has this not happened?

It isn't necessary to give special treatment to tracks that contain a drum machine device. Just route as many separate tracks into the drum machine as you like. Keep them grouped, and even sub-grouped, however you like. For example, you could group hi-hats apart from percussion parts, or even put a couple of similar-sounding hats together on one track.


answered Jan 17 at 05:58 by voidshine (302)

Sorry, but that's your opinion, clearly not shared by essentially any other daw made, besides bitwig. That response sounds like sheer laziness, not wanting to do something as simple as combining three functions bitwig already has, in order to advance a device to 21st century functionality.

  — (Jan 17 at 07:38) Civa

Not to mention your response lacks logic. The drum machine in and of itself IS a "group" You just suggested over complicating a session, taxing cpu, and making excuses for laziness by adding bloated redundancy.

  — (Jan 17 at 07:40) Civa

Maybe my answer is misunderstood? I'm not suggesting wasteful duplication of drum machines. Use just the one machine, but organize your separate drum parts on their own tracks, all routing note output to the machine. This is efficient, easy, and flexible. The only downside I know of is that you lose the pad names in the editor. The layer editing needs a bit of work here but I doubt the Bitwig team is lazy, they probably just prioritize innovation over emulation. Works for me. :)

  — (Jan 18 at 05:55) voidshine

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