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Hi, Probably a simple thing..but I don't get it: I need a switch that just stays on the last state triggered- either 1 or 0. In electronics, this would a be called a "flip flop". And here probably a toggle switch. But I cannot get it, Bitwig doesn't allow me to wire back the exit from one AND component to the input of the other AND there any other way to achieve this? best regards, Former

apologies. Found it. It's called "Latch" and works quite the same..


answered Jan 17 at 22:32 by former (130)

Na, it's not the same..and acts weirdo..I don't really understand it - I can read the help, yes. but what can you do with a latch ? I tried to build a flip-flop - - but that is not the same..this latch here has an explicit input to set "0" and one for the "1"..whats that good for ?


answered Jan 23 at 23:08 by former (130)

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