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I can not understand why PDC does not work.Only a sample and Ozone are hanging on the track.Oszilliscope confidently shows the delay. What's the matter?

Are you looking for automatic compensation, or manual adjustment with the Time Shift device?


answered Jan 18 at 17:47 by voidshine (154)

as I understand it in Bitwig plugin delay compensation is automatic ?! I need to understand why there is a delay after plugins when, according to the developers, there shouldn’t be any ...

  — (Jan 18 at 20:49) LLAVS

Using pure software plug-ins, the delay must be logical, not physical. So I guess it's either the Ozone or the Oscilloscope. What if you disable Ozone?

  — (Jan 19 at 01:25) voidshine

If I turn off the Ozone, the delay goes away. Moreover, if I set 5 Ozons for example, the delay will go off in proportion to turning off each plug-in.

  — (Jan 20 at 09:49) LLAVS

Do not tell me, what other oscilloscope can I check for this?

  — (Jan 20 at 09:50) LLAVS

Ozone is introducing a logical delay, and I guess it may vary, which could trick any automatic delay compensation. You might have to use Time Shift. Does Live adjust the timing with the same Ozone patches?

  — (Jan 20 at 17:55) voidshine

Not necessarily an Ozone plugin. For the test, I took 2 tracks, hung a sample on 1 and 17 pro-Q2 for clarity and drowned. On 2 hung one sample kick without processing. An ozilloscope hung on the master. And we see the same delay on the chart. (see picture)

  — (Jan 21 at 12:06) LLAVS
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Okay, I did some tests and found that the plugin delay compensation is working perfectly! The problem is in the Oszilloscope testing method. Here's how I tested:

  • New Project
  • Phase-4 on first track
  • New clip with sustained single note at beginning.
  • Duplicate track
  • Add Tool to the duplicate and invert both the L and R channels.
  • Play from beginning: silence, as expected.
  • Add Ozone 9 Elements to the first track -- loaded preset "Total Balance" and enable internal bypass.
  • Playing this first track in real time, there is noticeable delay from the plugin, even when its internal bypass is enabled, so we know it is still processing.
  • Play from beginning: silence, indicating plugin delay compensation works well.

I tried a few other tests with an FX Layer, Stereo Split, etc. just to be sure there were no shortcuts in the signal path. Solid as a rock! Basically, real time processing necessarily introduces delay, as the plugin must gather enough signal to work its magic. Filters naturally add latency. When armed and monitoring in real time, you can notice the delay. The Master track is essentially real-time. But for playback and synchronization of normal tracks, Bitwig is able to hold other signals back so that everything lines up in the end.


answered Jan 21 at 19:14 by voidshine (154)

Thank you! Most likely this is the problem of the ozilloscope.

  — (Jan 25 at 16:44) LLAVS

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